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Cycling Infrastructure in Nepal


About the event

Nepal Engineers' Association UK (NEA UK) organised a Zoom Webinar, presented by Nepal Cycling Society (NCS).

Here is the video of the recording.

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The goal of the webinar was to know the current situation of cycling infrastructure in Nepal and NCS's projects/activities, ways forward, future of Nepal's cycling along with discussion and Q&A.


Nepal Cycle Society (NCS) is a non- profit sharing registered company and NGO formed in 2018. The society is fully-dedicated to promote cycling as a sustainable mode of transportation by seeking to improve cycling culture and infrastructure incorporating both hard and soft measures. NCS specializes in conducting research, urban planning/designing, resources mobilization, advocacy, awareness/education and consultations to different interested groups/stakeholders. Their prime focus is on ‘non-motorized two-wheelers’ in collaboration with locals, municipalities, national and international organizations.




To build and promote sustainable, eco-friendly and inclusive cities encompassing cycling culture and infrastructure in the enhancement of cycling facilities, safety policies and enforcement acts.



•Technical Design & Urban Planning

•Integrated Transportation Systems

•Safe & Accessible Commutes

•Appropriate Rules & Civic Sense

•Open Public Spaces Promotion

•Smooth Traffic Operation

•Awareness Campaigns


-Cycle Lanes (Shared/Dedicated)

-Bicycle Maps/Signage/Routes

-Cycle Stands/Parking Stations

-Cycle Act -Bicycle Sharing/Dock Locations

-Public Cycle Parks/River Corridors

-Cycle to School/College/Work

-Cycle/Pedestrian/Wheelchair-friendly paths

-One-way Traffic/Vehicle-free Zones

-Public Awareness/Cycle-related Campaigns

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