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About NEA, UK

Nepal Engineers' Association UK (NEA UK) is the fifth international centre and a professional membership body of the NEA that was initiated in 2017. NEA UK represents all our registered Nepalese engineers who are situated within the UK, working in various engineering fields to provide quality service to the public.  We are a growing and committed association that are working towards the goals of providing networking and unmatched support to our engineer members. 

Our Vision


To provide platform for professional Nepalese engineers within the UK to share the latest engineering practice, trends and support continuous development of the engineers while uplifting and inspiring the upcoming generation within the Nepalese diaspora. In addition, establish robust knowledge sharing and networking between the NEA and its international centres around the globe.

Our Objectives


  1. To promote fellowship and support amongst our Nepalese engineers situated within the UK. 

  2. Provide support and guidance to the new coming engineers in the UK from Nepal

  3. Provide a networking platform to our Nepalese engineers through professional conferences and events.

  4. Development of professional relations with international engineering associations and institutions. 

  5. To promote and inspire the new generation of rising engineers.

  6. Encourage knowledge sharing of best engineering practice within UK based Nepalese Engineers and also NEA parent association.

What we do

We aim to help our community learn and share knowledge in order to maintain our growing circle of Nepalese Engineers.  Currently, we have been focusing our work on: 


  • Publishing newspaper articles to journal and share present information regarding engineering practice.  

  • Organising conferences and knowledge sharing sessions.

  • Share opportunities such as industrial placements/work experience and jobs to members/graduates/students.

NEA UK Governance 


NEAUK is governed by a diverse Executive Committee (EC) that holds responsibility for the associations’ strategic decision making and are ultimately responsible and accountable for all the activities of the association. The current structure within the EC involves: 

Indu Rai.jfif

Indu Rai


Abinash Joshi.jfif

Abhinash Joshi

Vice Chairman

Meem Jugjali.jfif

Meem Jugjali
General Secretary

Pooja Gurung.jfif

Pooja Gurung


Dipesh Rai.jfif

Dipesh Rai

Event Manager


Udesh Dewan

Social Media & Coms.



Himal Gurung

 Operations Manager

Suman Baidya.jfif

Suman Baidya

Event Manager


Bibek Shrestha

Deputy Social Media &
Coms. Manager

Sudip Rai.jpeg

Sudip Rai

Operations Manager

Udip Rai-gigapixel-art-scale-2_00x.jpg

Udip Rai


Shrawan Rai.jpg

Shrawan Rai

Student Member

Team Leader

Isha Rai.jpg

Isha Rai

Student Member

Team Leader

Sumnima Rai.jfif

Sumnima Rai

Student Member
Team Leader

Join us
Image by César Couto

NEA UK Membership


NEA UK aims to provide benefits and services tailored for professionals, graduates and future engineers as part of its membership. Registered NEA members will have exclusive access to:


  • Events and support network, conferences, webinars, and workshops held for engineering practice. 

  • NEA UK newspaper article showcasing present projects/research/investigations etc. of our Nepalese Engineers.

  • Supports offered in continuing the professional development, Interview & Assessment Day tips, and CV & Cover Letter reviews.

  • Networking platform and support opportunities to expand your professional network by connecting  with other engineering students, industry professionals and leaders in various fields in the UK and around the globe through NEA international centre.

  • Latest updates and news on opportunities such as volunteering and placement opportunities within NEA UK network and Nepal.

  • Free Job alerts: Receive notifications about latest job postings/opportunities that match your profile.

  • Volunteering opportunities: Build up your CV with communication, presentation, teamwork and leadership skills.

  • Dedicated space to communicate with all members such as sharing information and asking questions.


Brief History of NEA, Nepal

  • Nepal Engineers Association (NEA) is an independent non-profit organisation of Nepalese engineers registered under the social service act of the Government of Nepal. It was established in 1962, and today embodies over 27,000+ engineers who represent various engineering disciplines including civil, electrical, mechanical, architects and many more. NEA has five international centres across the globe in Australia, Qatar, Bangkok, Japan and the UK. 

  • NEA is a member of the Asian Civil Engineering Coordinating Council (ACECC) and have bilateral relations with various institution of engineers ranging from Bangladesh, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Institution of civil engineers (ICE UK), American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), Japanese society of Civil Engineers (JSCE), and the Korean Society of Civil Engineers (KSCE). Furthermore, NEA is a present member of the World Federation of  Engineering Organisations (WEFO) and was influential in the establishment of the Federation of Engineering Institute of South and Central Asia (FEISCA). 

Image by César Couto


Nepal Engineer's Association UK (NEA UK)
Nepal Engineer's Association UK (NEA UK)
Nepal Engineer's Association UK (NEA UK)
Nepal Engineer's Association UK (NEA UK)
Nepal Engineer's Association UK (NEA UK)

Nepal Engineers' Association UK (NEA UK) - Inauguration Programme.

17 September 2017

Chief Guest:

The Honourable Dr. Durga Bahadur Subedi, Ambassador of Nepal.

Special Guests:

Er. Hare Ram Shrestha,

President of NEA, Nepal

Er. Umesh Thani,

General Secretary of NEA, Nepal

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